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Theoretical and Percent Yield


Analysis of Page Constructed

In designing the web page, positive characteristics found in the critiqued web pages were considered and incorporated into the site.  Criteria which were considered in creating this site include easy navigation, interactivity, visual appeal, relevancy, clarity and credibility.  These characteristics were a common criteria expected in a web page between group members, as they allow the user to search through the site quickly to obtain specific information in a clear and concise manner. 


            The main feature of the site is its efficiency and straight-forwardness.  We decided to only give users relevant and necessary information so as not to confuse them or to frustrate them by making them sort through needless text.  The steps and explanations are short, yet concisely, given.  The site is very easy to follow, as the steps and explanations are given in an expected and sequential order.  This also makes the site easy to navigate, as the user simply has to scroll down to view the next step in the process.

            We made the site as interactive as our site-building abilities would allow.  We provided a link to a practice problem, as well as one to the complete solution, so users may test their newfound knowledge and ensure they understand the concept.

            This is a very visually appealing site, with the main colours being purple, white and black.  The background is white, and the main text used is black.  Titles and necessary equations are purple, to stand out.  The purple is a pleasant accent, as it is not so bright as to aggravate the user’s eyes, nor is it distracting.  It was for this reason that we avoided using several colours; one colour scheme is much easier to follow than a rainbow of colours.

            Another appealing feature of our site is found at the very bottom of the page, where users are informed of the last time the site was updated.  This is useful as users may be aware of the relevancy of the site and they are notified as to whether or not the site is regularly updated.

The main set back of our site is the fact that users must scroll down in order to view all the wanted information.  It would have been possible to fit all the information on one screen, however we feel that that format would have drastically decreased the aesthetic pleasantness of the site, as well as its effectiveness.


Our main problem with creating this site was our complete lack of experience and knowledge of site-building.  If we had possessed the ability, we would have liked to have links at the top of the page leading users to each separate step of the site, making it even more efficient.  Another aspect we would have liked to change was the presentation of important information, such as the equations.  We would have liked them to be bordered, or perhaps highlighted in an attention-grabbing, contrasting colour.


We feel that we have created a very useful and helpful site, despite our lack of experience.  It is a clear and concise site, without any unnecessary information given, and it is very easy to navigate.

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